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Guided through the land of WOZ


The story of the WOZ value and your tax assessment
The value assigned by the government to your real estate, directly affects your tax assessments. Simply put, a higher based WOZ value gives you an excessive tax on your real estate tax, water board tax, income tax, corporation tax and wealth tax.

Create opportunities with a higher based WOZ value.
Sometimes a higher based WOZ value offers opportunities. For example, to be able to link a better rental value to your property. The rent is linked to the WOZ value, after all. This value increasingly applies as the basis for (re) financing options and conditions. Which opportunity does this offer you? You may already be able to assess it yourself.

Where and how to start?
If you want the WOZ value to be adjusted, the costs and benefits of an objection procedure are difficult to estimate in advance. How real are your wishes and are the revenues related to the work that is involved? Which outcome is feasible? What is the procedure and to whom do you focus? You are not known in the mysterious land of WOZ. You’d rather be involved in something that certainly yields money, namely your own business.

Ask the right person.
I can take over the headaches, the work and the patience associated with an objection procedure. Because I am familiar in the land of WOZ, I can accurately assess the possibilities. I know the way in the procedures flawlessly and I maintain direct contact with the relevant municipal tax authorities and / or partnerships. I am committed to you. I give direction to the procedure and I work towards a favorable outcome – within an acceptable term.

Nothing to lose.
For the sake of clarity, if you hand over the objection procedure to me, you have neither work nor costs. If the objection is declared well-founded, I will receive the ‘costs of proceedings’. This is paid by the municipality concerned. In addition, I invoice you a fee of 25% of the savings for the first year. If the objection is rejected, you will not receive an invoice from me. You therefore have nothing to lose.

Trust me.
I would like to receive (a copy of) the assessment notice (s) you receive. This is possible through all contemporary communication channels. It is important that you do this within six weeks of the date of the assessment. (If later, I will first examine the possibilities for you.) After receiving your notice, I can immediately start working for you. Naturally, I treat your assignment strictly confidentially. Usually the case is settled before the summer.

Do you want to know what my services can offer you? Please contact me.

The Wizard of WOZ

Dion Bartels

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Do you want to know what my services can offer you? Please contact Dion Bartels.